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6” - 8” Semiconductor Wafer Processing Platform

We are developing 6” – 8” semiconductor wafer processing platform at Japan in collaboration with Japanese company’s SEW (Semiconductor Equipment Workforce) and Nippon-WST. This equipment is five-wafer processing equipment for wafer size of 6” (150 mm) or 8” (200mm). Please contact us for more details.

Features or Benefits:

1. Process of Annealing and RTP, can be performed using this tool

2. Process on five wafers.

3. Susceptor to heat wafer up to 1000oC-1200oC

4. Cooling channel for susceptor body and reactor body

5. Height adjustable electrically isolated substrate holder

What is annealing in semiconductors?

=> Annealing is the heat-treatment used to restore disordered semiconductor wafers to crystalline perfection, after selected 'dopant' impurities have been implanted into the wafers (as energetic ions) to adjust the electrical conductivity.